Mobile gambling Canada is a great way to interact with your fellow teachers during the holidays. It is fun and you can win lots of cash. The Constitution of Pakistan sets out an egalitarian view of education based on values  responding to the requirements of economic growth.  Article 38 (d) speaks of instilling moral  values … Read more

There is a general agreement that the quality of education has been a major casualty of the system’s inefficiency. The biggest victim h as been the public education system but quality cannot be assumed as given in the private schools. Efforts to increase enrollments are not sustainable in the absence of quality education in the … Read more

Historically, however, ECE has not been formally recognized by the public sector in  Pakistan. The traditional ‘katchi’ class in some  public sector schools has predominantly remained  a familiarization stage towards formal schooling fo r un-admitted, young  students. A limited part  of the Grade I National Curriculum is taught to this group.  Against this background, for … Read more

The imperative of uniformity in Pakistan’s educational system flows from the  Constitution of Pakistan, which entrusts the St ate with the responsibility of organizing an  equitable and effective education system, with  an aim to enhance the overall well being of  Pakistanis. The national educational systems in different countries have evolved with the State in  such … Read more

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2009 (“the Policy”) comes in a series of education policies dating back to the very inception of th e country in 1947. The review process for the National Education Policy 1998-20 10 was initiated in 2005 and the first document, the White Paper was finalised in March 2007. The White … Read more

“Recovery Begins with Teachers” Live testimonies from teachers supporting recovery worldwide and a photo exhibition which shows teachers in demanding situations were among the high points of the World Teachers’ Day celebrations on 5 October in UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris. The “Tribute to Teachers” exhibition, inaugurated by the Director-General of UNESCO, was made available online … Read more